What I do...

I research users πŸ•΅

I use a range of methods at the start of a project to help me discover the users, and how they communicate.

I run workshops πŸͺ

I love workshops in which I'm talking with users, stakeholders, and the development team - working together to shape the problem and the solution.

Workshops that work well:

I write user needs ✍️

"As a content designer,
I want to write clear user needs which describe the problem,
so that I can explain the user perspective during development."

Once researched, I turn my findings into user needs. These explain the problems and I can then prioritise them.

Writing user needs:

I design content 🎨

A well designed interface looks good, answers a need, and speaks to the user in their language.

Good content should:

I create prototypes πŸ€–

Prototypes are essential to the design process. They test and validate assumptions before development. I use a range of methods to validate my thoughts:

I run user testing πŸ‘€

User testing is always useful. I’m able to run both remote and in-person user testing sessions on my own, or as part of a team.

I love user testing because:

I iterate, collaborate, and listen πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Iteration - I like to design and get feedback quickly. By learning, applying and improving I can get better results.

Collaboration - I like to bounce ideas off others and get fresh eyes on things, it always throws up aspects I hadn't considered.

Listen - Listening and humility is an overlooked skill for a designer. If you can't listen or empathise with others, then you won't solve the problem.